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C o m e A n d H u g M e

starring Jin Ki Joo and Lee Jun Ho
Come and Hug Me

The main reason I started this drama was because of: Nam Da Reum! He was great in his past dramas, personally Just Between Lovers, and I was really excited when it was revealed he was going to be in Come and Hug Me. The teaser for this drama was also really interesting and dark. A psychopath? That's creepy, but i'm in :p Thus marks the start of this roller coaster of a drama.

Now before I start my thorough rant, I just want to give a quick summary of my thoughts. I really liked the different characters and their roles in the story, the actors and actresses did a great job performing their roles. This drama was a good watch, though a bit scary at several parts. I have a weak heart so the scenes where people were murdered, or just whenever Yoon Hui Jae appears on screen holding his hammer with that creep background music really scared me and I end up watching the drama with my eyes slightly closed or with my screen slightly tilted down, leaving me to listen to the audio. BUT, the emotional and cute scenes made up for it, so it's alg :)

Now, for the characters! Nam Da Reum did a fantastic job as the younger version of Na Moo, though I wished he could smile a bit more often. During the scene where Na Moo confesses to Nak Won that he likes her, you'd think he'd be smiling. Instead, he was crying. I understand it was because he shouldn't like her or she'll get hurt by his father, but I wished he could show a bit of happiness. Timeskip to years later, and we meet adult Na Moo acted by Jang Ki Yong! First of all, I LOVE the fact that he became a police officer to prevent people like his father from hurting others and his kind personaliy, a complete 180 from his father. A fact that SEVERAL people don't understand. I cried all through episode 11 to 13 because of the way others treated Na Moo. First it was the families of the victims. I just wanted to scream: DON'T YOU DARE HURT HIM ESPECIALLY ON HIS GRADUATION CEREMONY DAY. JUST BECAUSE HE'S THE SON OF THAT PSYCHOPATH DOESN'T MEAN IIT'S HIS FAULT YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS DIED. YES, IM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSSES, BUT HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR DEATHS. HE DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIS DAD. CAN'T YOU SEE HOW HE'S ALREADY SUFFERING SO MUCH? GOSH. Second person I want to scream at, that annoying reporter. HE'S ALREADY HAVING A HARD TIME AND NOW YOU WANT TO DIG DEEPER INTO HIS LIFE AND RELAIONSHIP WITH HIS FATHER? YOU WANT TO MANIPULATE THE MEDIA TO MAKE HIM THE BAD PSYCHOPATH'S SON? HECK NO. The whole scene with the egg throwing and the reporter shoving her microphone in his face was so similar to Pinocchio, probably why I cried even more. Nak Won's brother was the cherry on top of the sundae of sadness.

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